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These are our frequently asked questions that we receive here at Fix-a-Crack from student's .We have comprised the most important questions and answers to help you in understanding the field of windshield repairs and our training program.

Q. Is Fix-a-Crack a franchise?

A. No, Fix-a-Crack is not a franchise. We do not believe in the high cost of franchise ownership for windshield repair technicians that do the same work after they are trained saving them high costs of franchising and royalties one must pay. Fix-a-Crack trains and uses the same methodology as franchise operators do in the glass repair business thus saving the students substantial costs.

Q. Does your school certify Windshield Repair Technicians once I complete the course?

A. Yes we are the only school in Canada given recognition to certify windshield repair technicians. After course completion students are encouraged to join the National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) which governs our industry with set standards and by-laws.

Q. What makes your course different than Franchises or online training?

A. First off the cost and time. Our course is affordable for students. We are Canada’s only school with in class hands on training as well as ongoing support and mentorship. We are not a costly franchise but we train and support our students like a franchise does minus the tens of thousands in costs and royalties that franchises charge for the same. Online or home study training does not work we have studied and proven. One cannot learn hands on techniques by watching videos or reading text. They must be shown via hands on training to master this skill.

Q. What associations/affiliations are you recognized with?

A. As one of Canada's largest schools specializing only in the windshield repair business Fix-a-Crack has chosen to be affiliated with the National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA) and the National Glass Association (NGA) conducting repairs under the (ROLAGS) glass repair standards which intern generates higher certification and skill levelsfor our students. We have aligned ourselves and received course approvals, recognition and accreditations within these standards

Q. How long is your course?

A. Our in-class and hands on is a total of 20 hrs and approx. 20 hrs of at home practice.

Q. Where does one find work in this industry once I am ready to inspect?

A. The abundance of work is never ending. You may set up shop, run a tent location. Offer mobile service and go to your client’s location. There are also fleets, trucking companies etc. We will even teach you how to become a preferred glass repair company for insurance companies.

Q. What education or background is needed to enter the field of Windshield Repairs?

A. There is no background needed to learn the art of windshield repairs. Your willingness to be teachable is all that is required.

Fix-a-Crack has trained successful Windshield Repair Technicians across Canada who have been homemakers, factory workers, trades people, retired, students, etc.

Q. How long will it take for me to be earning money once I complete the course?

A. Income revenue can be generated immediately after course completion. We will teach you how to generate work through networking as well as insurance companies and many other streams.

Q. Is there any further costs to occur after the Fix-a-Crack course?

A. There are no further costs involved with our training program however there are costs involved for consumables such as resins and general business operating costs.

Q. How do I register with Fix-a-Crack?

A. With our busy Canada schedule and limited class seating and most of our courses only run a few times yearly in each province we do always fill up so it is important to register online if you wish to reserve a seat.

Our office administrator will confirm within 24hrs from the time your registration form is received that your seat has been reserved.



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