Course Outline


Fix-a-Crack offers exceptional in-depth training implementing CURRENT STANDARDS for the Repair of windshields providing an in class theory as well as hands on in the field.


Our 2 Day Training Module Consists of:

Day 1 Theory

1. Windshield Repair and its history
2. Creating a Business Play
Financing Your Business
4. Do's and Don'ts
5. Selecting a Name 
Office Setup
7. Should You Accept Credit Cards?
8. Uniforms
9. Service Vehicle
10. Signs
. Insurance For Your Business
12. Repair Equipment & Resins
13. Key to Success
14. Marketing & Sales Tools
15. Unleash the Power of Networking  
16. Vehicle Fleets
17. Car Dealerships
18. Preferred lists
for insurance work
19. Retail Work
20. Add on Services
21. How much can a windshield repair technician earn?

We also discuss the Industries Glass Standards.

Day 2 Hands On

Hands on Repair training on stone chipped windshields guided by instructors with students.

Certification Exam.

  Course modules and training is current, based on the present repair industry standards (ROLAGS) with proctored exams and in-class peer reviews combined with our in house Mentorship Program.

   We have successfully trained Windshield Repair
Technician's across Canada since 1991.

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